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Waxing for face & body

We use 3 different types of waxing products:

Phd; a cartridge system ensuring a clinically clean single use application reducing the opportunity for infection.

Traditional dip and strip spatula wax for small areas

Perron Rigot a fine hypoallergenic hot wax system that effectively shrink wraps the hair for improved comfort on those more delicate areas. 

Treatment areas and costs:


Eyebrows                     £11

Lip or chin                    £11

Lip & chin                     £16


1/2 Leg                         £21

3/4 Leg                         £24

Full Leg                         £28 

Bikini                             £18

Brazilian                       £30

Hollywood                    £36   

Full leg Bik U/arm       £42

Forearm                       £15

Full arm                        £21

Underarm                     £15

Back                             £30