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Tear Trough


In Brief: 

As we age, we can experience volume loss in this area resulting in shadows, depressions, puffiness and bags. The fat pad which protects and supports the lower lid begins to separate from the muscle and as the cheek bone shrinks back it falls causing dark circles and hollows. This coupled with a reduction in the efficiency of the lymphatic system results  in puffiness around the delicate skin.  This is known as the


Each case calls for different management and there is no one size fits all. A face to face consultation is imperative when managing these conditions in order that we can truly assess what is causing the problem.


Typically this area responds well to treatment with Dermal fillers but as it is a very technically challenging area it requires great skill and experience. 

It is often the case that the area will not be treated in isolation as it benefits from structural support to the cheek and temple areas as well as the mid face. 

Consultation is crucial in the management of his area. 

Cost: this will vary according to treatment. 

Dermal fillers

8 Point face lift

Cheek Enhancement