All manor of blemishes , pigment and age spots can all be treated safely with the Elos Plus

Individual areas can be treated in isolation or full face rejuvination can be offered for generalised anti ageing.

It is possible to effectively treat Vascular lesions (broken veins) or Pigmentation (age spots) on the skin with the SR capacity of The Elos Plus. The light energy emitted targets the pigment in the vessel or lesion and heats it to a sufficient level to cause disturbance in the blood flow. At the same time the Radio frequency focuses that energy, gently heating the water content in the skin and further increasing the heat to safely destroy the pigment. The result of which is a significant improvement in the overall appearance.

A course of treatment is required following a consultation with our laser therapists.

Treatment costs start @ £65 for single area

pigment cheekCHEEK AGE SPOT POST treatment


decollete pre

decollete post

hand pigment post

hand pigment pre