We offer two types of wax system for hair removal at The Retreat Beauty Clinic in Boston Spa.


PHD is a cartridge system that does not rely on spatulas and is considered to reduce the opportunity for infection and delivers a very fine application of wax to the skin to improve client comfort.


Perron Rigot is a renowned Parisian creator of high quality wax products using only the finest hypoallergenic waxes. A hot wax system is used which literally ‘shrink wraps’ the hair and not the skin, leaving the waxed area undamaged. This is particularly suitable for the lip/brow and intimate areas.

We also offer Brazilian and Hollywood intimate waxing.



Electrolysis has been respected and recognised for its permanent hair removal benefits for many years. It can be used on all facial areas ,abdomen, bikini and nipple area with safe and effective results. Please call for a free consultation with Caroline who will explain in detail how it works and the benefits you can expect.

Other Advanced Epilation treatments also available are for Thread Vein, Broken capillary, Spider Naevus and blood spot removal.


Most commonly found on the neck and face, they often appear on the neck with a mushroom like appearance and vary in size of a pea or larger. They are usually found in areas of friction such as the underarm ,folds of the skin ,under the breasts or around the neck where necklaces can irritate.

Milia : These are tiny white hard lumps containing Keratin which lie superficially under the skin and can easily be treated and removed by electrolysis.