Refresh Your Soul, Refine Your Skin, Renew Your Confidence:

It’s important to take time out now and again. We all need time to relax, switch off and nurture ourselves.  The Retreat Beauty Clinic in Boston Spa is the perfect place to do just this.

How We Treat It, How We Feed It, How We Protect It

Having great skin relies on so many different factors: what we eat, how we treat it, our genetics, how we protect it and how we feed it.

We are all aware of the damages that environmental factors such as smoking, pollution, sun exposure and alcohol have on our skin and yet sometimes the damage has been done many years ago.  So how would you feel if we could turn the clock back, or, if you are younger, learning how you can prevent that damage?  Well, The Retreat will show you how.  All we need is a little investment from you.

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