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Frown lines are sometimes referred to as Glabellar lines or “legs 11”  They are vertical lines that develop between your eyebrows and nose and they appear when you contract and move two of the facial muscles called the Procerus and Corrugators.

In Brief :

Frown lines appear as part of the natural ageing process of the face but can become more pronounced over time. Facial expressions are crucial to communication and we learn to use these muscles by copying others, often using them to express emotions such as anger or concern. We sometimes inherit a habit of using these muscles to excess and often the lines can develop at a much younger age than we would like. This repeated use breaks down the Collagen, elastin and skin proteins in between the brows creating the characteristic furrows.

Poor eyesight and repeated sun exposure can also be contributing factors to the development of these lines.


Your treatment recommendation will be advised based on the individual condition of the muscles and skin in the area but as repeated contraction of the muscles create folds in the skin area it makes sense to try and treat the furrow by reducing the muscle activity.

Botox anti wrinkle injections to reduce the muscle activity. See further information

Dermal filler 

If the Frown lines are deep or the muscle tone is poor then they may benefit from the use of a hyalaronic acid filler to replace the  lost volume.

Poor eyesight or spending lots of time in the sun or outdoors or even working at a computer can all add to the problem so sunglasses and regular check ups with an optician maybe beneficial.

Cost: Start From £195.00


Dermal fillers