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Health & Well Being Massage

Here at The Retreat we offer a range of Holistic and massage therapies to help with your well being. They Include: 

Hot stones therapy        £70

Back Massage                 £40

Back and Scalp                £50

Full Body Massage         £65

Indian Head                     £30

Mother to be                    £68

Breuss Spinal massage £50

Reflexology                      £55

Reiki                                  £60 

Your therapist may recommend a combination of treatments to suit your particular needs. 


In Brief:

There is no doubt that everyone feels stressed at times and we all occasionally want to feel loved and pampered.

However, there are times in our lives when we feel particularly overwhelmed with tension, aches, pains and worry and this has an impact on both our physical and mental wellbeing.

We are now living in very uncertain times with new working practices and challenges, exposure to worldwide news, home schooling and the Covid lockdown all adding to this anxiety in recent months.

It is sometimes helpful to know what is happening to our bodies when we feel this way and you can read more about this in our blog. 

The causes of pain and stress are complex and we are not here to diagnose simply offer some relief if we can.