EDS e dermastamp skin rejuvenation system from Aesthetic care 

Evidence based dermatological medical device


Launched only 1 week ago we are the first clinic to take delivery of this unique system : 

A highly advanced Medical skin needling technique that combines the benefits of the Dermaroller system with the introduction of Meso therapy , (products that are skin hydrating , medigrade , hyalaronic acid and peptides .)

The precision engineering of the device allows me  to alter both the speed and depth of the entry of the tiny  needle columns into the skin,  thereby ensuring optimum but safe results , specific to the area being treated and the condition of the skin . (comfort is ensured by the use of topical anaesthetic gel)

The flexible but small pen like head allows access to the whole eye area including the lid (perfect for the fine lines under the eye) and the lip area.

After the EDS skin rejuvenation procedure your body will generate new collagen around the areas treated , increasing the blood supply and increasing new cell formation.  This repair and re generation can continue for many months .

A course of 3 treatment sessions is advised over a 5 month period.

Cost is £250.00 with Hyalaronic acid only £300.00 if Peptide products are to be used

Course of 3 is available @ an introductory price of £650.00 & £750.00 respectively

Small areas available (eyes /lip) on request @ £85.00 per area


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