Be Proud Strip Lashes

Be Proud was created by professional make up artist Lauren Heaton Booth and her husband, James.

Having discovered many problems sourcing good quality lashes, Lauren learnt that other make up artists in the industry, were having similar difficulties. She found a gap in the market for a company that would supply make up artists, hairdressers, beauticians etc with good quality lashes.  They are easy to apply, a curved but firm spine that is fine enough to disappear when applied, good quality hair and,last but not least, contain a decent glue. Our lashes have high and performance, and if you look after them, they are re- usable (maybe beyond five wears, we discovered) Even if you sleep in them!


Be Proud lashes can also be applied by a professional at the salon for £10 (Includes Lashes and Glue, RRP £5.95)