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In 20 years aesthetic practice I have seen both the products I use and the techniques applied advance significantly, it is no longer sufficient to just do a ‘little bit of line filler’. We now strive to look for long- term treatment plans and management of the ageing process, consequently, the quantities of products being used are increasing. To reflect this, and reduce the costs of long term planning I have introduced a new treatment menu.

MD Codes / Dermal Fillers / Full face rejuvination 

Basic lift (quick fix)                     @ £695.0          Package value £900 (saving £205)

Brow lift with botox or filler

Cheek lift

Naso labial folds or fine lines

Modified lift (bronze package) @            £975 Package value £1250(saving £255)

In 2 sessions

Brow lift with botox or filler

Cheek lift

Jaw lift or marionette lines

Naso labials , lips or fine lines

Advanced Lift (silver package)    @ £1500 Package value £1850(saving £350)

In 2/3 sessions

Brow lift

Cheek Lift

Jaw lift or marionettes

Chin Lift

Naso- labials or lips

Total Lift (Gold Package)  @ £2300 Package value £2800 (saving £500)    

In 3/4 sessions

Brow lift

Cheek lift

Marionette lines

Jaw lift

Lip lines

Naso labials

Top model cheek bones

Re- texturising skin quality treatment