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Forehead Lines

Forehead Lines

Take the appearance of  train track lines that appear in the space above the eyebrows and below the hair line. The muscles in this area are responsible for holding the eyebrows in position and with repeated use over time generate folds and creases in the skin.

In Brief: 

Whenever you move your forehead you activate the muscles known collectively as the Frontalis. They generally become an issue as we age due to the decrease in the production of collagen and elastin in the skin along with environmental and lifestyle factors such as sunlight, smoking and pollution. In addition, if there is any laxity in the eye muscles or skin then the Frontalis becomes more active  which generates deeper unpleasant folds which can be unappealing. 


We recognise that every face is unique and as such we make a full assessment of your particular musculature, skin texture and volume in the area before treatment is determined.

Anti Wrinkle injections:

Whilst botox anti-wrinkle injections have in the past been first line treatment for this area we now have lots of other options at our disposal. 

  • Profilho 
  • Dermalux 
  • EDS Micro-needling 
  • Skin Peels 
  • Medical Grade Facials 
  • Skin care

Our team will discuss all the treatment options with you in a one-to-one consultation, from anti-ageing injections to a tailored skin care routine.

Cost: From £65.00

Anti Wrinkle injections


Medical Grade All skin med Facials


EDs micro needling

Skin Care