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Neck Lines

Horizontal lines on the neck are generally caused by the same reasons as lines on the face; that is weakening of the collagen and elastin structure and repeated muscular use of the area. 

In Brief:

Unfortunately the problems are made worse because the skin here is thinner. It is an area often neglected from our application of creams lotions and potions including SPF, coupled with gravitational pull and sun exposure. When you also consider our pre occupation with our mobile devices there is no wonder we are seeing ‘techneck’ in younger and younger patients.


The good news is there are steps you can take to prevent and address neck wrinkles . 

Neck creams:

The Neostrata Skin Active and Exuviance award winning range of cosmeceutical products that we stock here at The Retreat contain collagen boosting, hydrating and natural cell matrix  builders to give structural support. Whilst topical products can take up to 8 weeks to produce results they are a non invasive and effective option.

Skin tightening: 

Using our Elos Sublime radio frequency machine to stimulate collagen fat and bone tissues.

Profilho: This is our most popular treatment for those who want quick and long lasting results. A Bio remodelling Hyalaronic acid product that can reduce lines, lift and tighten the skin.  

Anti Wrinkles injections:

Strategic placement of small amounts of Botox can reduce the muscular movement in the neck thereby relaxing the skin over the muscle. 

SPF : 

An SPF is your very best friend ever. It is not too late to start using one.

The Award winning Heliocare range that we stock here at The Retreat offers protection against UVA, UVB and visible light. At the same time it contains the powerful anti oxidant Fernblock FC ,Vitamins C and E . If that wasn’t enough it comes in a variety of shades and formulations. No excuse not to *****

Rf Skin tightening


Dermal Fillers