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Neck Lifting

The Idea that we can lift the neck used to be reserved for the Surgeon’s table. 

Advancements in technology and skill now mean that we can temporarily and non surgically lift and tighten the skin on the neck area to improve its appearance. 

In brief:

A sagging neck is sadly part of the ageing process and like the face is generally caused by weakening of the collagen and elastin structure and repeated muscular use of the area. It is made worse by the gravitational pull from the lower jaw line and is a real age indictor especially when the face is treated in isolation.  

When you also consider our pre occupation with our mobile devices there is no wonder we are seeing ‘techneck’ in younger and younger patients.


Best results are seen when combination treatments are used but listed below are some of our most popular and successful treatment options. 

  • Profilho : 
    • A revolutionary free flowing HA that stimulates collagen and elastin production increasing hydration in the dermis and epidermis. It gives lift hydration and luminosity.
  • Radio frequency Skin tightening:
    • Using light energy Elos Sublime RF machine heats up the tissues to re boot collagen,  increase blood flow generating new skin, fat and bone cells to restore the shape and give structural support to the face. Great for sagging jawline. 
  • Anti Wrinkles injections:
    • Strategic placement of small amounts of Botox can reduce the muscular movement in the neck thereby relaxing the skin over the muscle. 

Cost: will vary according to treatment.

RF skin tightening


Anti Wrinkle injections