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Lip Re-shaping & Enhancement

The mouth and lip area are central to the face gifting softness and femininity.

In Brief:
As we age, the lips lose their natural volume and the mouth area begins to look tired. Often this process can happen prematurely due to exposure to environmental factors such as ultra violet light or nicotine.
Injection of fillers into the lips can help to reverse some of these changes, improving the health and condition of the lip area. Some patients are born with disproportionately thin lips and in these situations, dermal fillers can restore more normal facial proportions.
The trend in recent years has been to enhance this area to give more fullness and body and has with some individuals resulted in some less than ideal results and as a consequence many women are scared to have the procedure.  Poor results however are almost exclusively the result of poor injection technique.



Injecting the lip is one of the most technically challenging areas of the face to inject and get right. The correct product in the correct amount and the correct area is key to a natural and improved look.

Attractive lip enhancement relies upon symmetry and balance respecting that the face is like a picture frame and being top middle or bottom heavy will only make it look “odd” and unattractive.

The choice, placement and volume of dermal filler product used will be discussed in detail with Lynn to ensure that the look you want, is the look you need, and the look that will work for you. 

Using injections and or cannula  small volumes of filler are injected into the border, body of the lip or above the lip and corners of the mouth to redefine the mouth area. It is not a one size fits all. 

Does it Hurt: ?

The lip area is full of nerve endings and yes it can be a little sensitive. The Juvederm range of products contain a local anaesthetic that helps to numb the area and slow injection techniques along with the use of cannula can make the procedure more than comfortable. Topical anaesthetics can be used in addition if required. Whilst not without discomfort it is one of our most popular procedures.

What happens afterwards: 

It is VERY normal to get swelling after lip procedures and around 30 % of people will bruise. Typically patients will often feel panicked and worried that the lip looks TOO big the day after. This may then be followed by the awareness of lumps and bumps but by day 3 or 4 everything begins to settle. It can take up to 2 weeks for everything to look  completely perfect. 

Cost: from £195

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