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Lip Lines

Lip lines, often referred to as lipstick lines, or smoker’s lines, are small vertical lines that may appear on the top and bottom lip.

Everyday activities such as talking, smiling and kissing involve the repetitive action of the muscles that surround the mouth and as we age we begin to lose volume fat and collagen in these delicate structures .

In brief:

This repetitive action coupled with intrinsic ageing results in thinning of the lips and the typical vertical lines we see.

Lip lines can develop at any time of life but are more prominent in smokers and those with slimmer lips .


Our first line treatment is usually dermal fillers.

This treatment helps to lift the creases, hydrate and can re shape the lip. Giving better definition and a softening effect.

Occasionally Lynn will also recommend the use of  botox injections and or Hydrafacial perk prior to treatment to help re condition the lip.

People are often afraid to have lip fillers but in all honesty with skill and respect for the shape and size of the existing lip it is possible to generate improvement without looking ‘filled’ 

Lynn has over 20 years experience with using fillers and will always treat ‘conservatively’.

Cost: from £195

Hydrafacial Perk

Dermal Fillers