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Jaw Re-shaping

In brief :

This treatment is designed to give a more defined feminine jawline in women and a more angular chiselled look in men.  

Advancements in both products and techniques in recent years have allowed the skilled application of Dermal filler products into key areas of the face to lift and sculpt and avoid the need for surgical intervention. 


The most direct route for improvement of this area is the use of Dermal fillers.

However the use of botox into the Jawline and Masseter muscles of some patients will significantly improve the result. 


Strategic points of the jawline and sometimes chin area are injected with dermal filler using a cannula. This projects the bony area, lifting the lower jaw and lower cheek area, giving better projection and shape to the chin and creating a balance of the mid face to lower face. 

Cost: Starts from £550.00

Any treatment area where the placement of product is designed to lift and re shape involves great skill and more than just a “little bit of filler’. Most patients will need between  2 – 4 mls to achieve significant change.


Dermal Fillers

Nefertiti neck lift

Botox to the Masseter