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Face Lifting

The Concept of Face lifting has until recently only been a surgical option. 

In Brief :

We begin to age and lose around 2% of our collagen per year from our 20’s. Coupled with gravitational pull, wear and tear from repeated muscle contraction and exposure to all number of pollutants it is no wonder the face begins to drop.  Advancements in both techniques and product development have now made it possible to use Hyaluronic Acid Dermal fillers to plump, rehydrate and re condition the skin at all levels thereby giving structural support where it has been lost and projection and lift where it is needed. 

We are also beginning to understand the action of fillers on the muscle activity and by strategic placement we can alter the facial dynamics as well as the structure.


Key ageing trigger points on the face have been identified and by targeting these along with the renowned 8 (now 7/9 Point Face lift) accredited to Dr Mauricio de Maio skilled practitioners are now able to work on these areas to obtain great lift and better facial shape.

Lynn has been fortunate to be part of the Allergan training Institute programme for over a decade and has first hand experience of Dr De Maio’s expertise. 


The idea that a single syringe of filler could lift the face is ludicrous as 1ml of filler represents 1/5 of a teaspoon of liquid. 

Thorough consultation and management of expectations are crucial to understanding this procedure and most patients will need multiple sessions and multiple syringes.

Packages are available at consultation. 

Juvederm Dermal fillers; Vycross

8 Point Face lift

The 8 Point Face lift 


Dr Mauricio de Maio

Brazilian Surgeon and world opinion leader on Facial Aesthetics.