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Droopy Mouth

The Droopy Mouth , sometimes know as the marionette or “puppet lines ” originate at the corners of the mouth and can continue down to the chin and jaw line. They make the mouth droop and often will make you look sad or miserable. 

In Brief : 

As the skin ages it stretches and the elastin begins to weaken. Coupled with shrinkage of the bone around the chin,  jaw and cheek  the structural support becomes inadequate and the skin slips down . 

It is really common and is often one of the first signs of ageing that we see. 


  • Dermal Fillers :
    • The face musculature and skin are all inter connected and as such one area will ultimately affect another.
    • The most effective treatment for a drooping mouth is dermal fillers, which give volume and lift to the area being treated and help to restore the face to its original condition. This is an area that needs great skill to manage. It will sometimes require multiple areas of treatment to manage successfully , including the cheek and chin. Please read further on Face lifting and 8 point face lift 
  • Radio Frequency :
    • RF works very well as a preventative treatment in the 30’s and 40’s or when the upper face remains taught.Where there is greater laxity it works very well in combination with fillers as it can kick start bony re growth to help with shape and support.  


Dermal fillers start from £195

Sublime skin Tightening; Radio Frequency start from £95