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Cheek Enhancement

Cheek fillers are designed to restore volume loss, and give shape and lift to the mid face  and under eye area without the need for surgery.

How do they work:

Most Fillers use Hyalaronic acid , the bodies natural “hydrator “

A High Viscosity Hyalaronic acid filler such as Juvederm Vycross placed in specific volumes at strategic anti ageing points will restore lost volume and give structural support. When placed closer to the surface it will sculpt, shape, define and hydrate.  


It must be remembered that the skill of aesthetics is not about just “putting some stuff in your face”  but about making sure that the face is balanced. Beauty is about Symmetry both left to right and top to bottom and therefore it can be helpful to treat the cheek area alongside other areas. 

After a thorough medical Consultation and the formation of a treatment plan Lynn will place a series of injections into key points on the mid face area. 

The cheek area can be treated in isolation or alongside the under eye and or external cheek.

Does it Hurt ?

Whilst not without discomfort The Juvederm range of Products contain a local anaesthetic which makes the procedure more comfortable. Most patients manage without the need for any additional anaesthetic.

What Is the cost:

It is difficult to give an accurate quotation on price as every patient is unique. Budget will be discussed in detail at your initial consultation. 

Costs start @ £320.00