treatment areasAt The Retreat we predominantly use The Juvederm range of fillers manufactured by Allergan (the leading supplier to the cosmetic industry). These hypo-allergenic, completely biodegradable, products can be used to fill lines and wrinkles, create facial contouring, lift the cheeks and plump the lips.

Information on Dermal Fillers

There are currently around 50 dermal filling agents available on the market with the hyaluronic-based products being considered the safest and most popular.

Hyaluronic acids

The majority of dermal fillers are man-made substances that contain a proportion of Hyaluronic acid. This is a ‘sugar-like substance’ arranged in particulate form that is designed to naturally hydrate within the lower layers of the skin and thereby creates a plumping effect on the surface.  (When we are younger the skin contains copious amounts of HA but as we age this is diminished through wear and tear, environmental factors such as sun exposure and smoking.)

Product examples include: Juvederm Ultra range, Teosyal, Radiesse, Restylane and Beletero.

Fillers can be used on fine and deep lines and can also be used to create volume in the cheeks or lips or in fact under the eye in the ‘tear trough’ area. These products do not require skin testing and generally will feel firm under the skin. They commonly last around six months to a year.

The main difference between the products is in the binding and size of the molecules. This creates variances in the feel, results and appearance of the products.

My personal preference is for the Juvederm range for its natural, stable and yet robust nature  which is predictable in action and gives great value for money. Available in a range of options to suit both the skin type and correction required it also contains a local anaesthetic to increase patient comfort.

Before & After Examples

Lip Volbella Before & After













The latest and most advanced of products to come to market is Juvederm VOLUMA. This also contains Hyaluronic acid but carries a much heavier 3D matrix allowing it to create around three times the volume and lift of the standard fillers. It has been called the non-surgical ‘face lift’.

It can be used successfully in combination with the full Juvederm Ultra range as a base to the upper layers.

The procedure involves a ‘needle’ or blunt cannulae technique to deposit product into the area of the skin being treated. Results are usually seen instantly with a steady improvement occurring over a period of weeks as the particles soften and swell with tissue fluid and new collagen.


Side Effects

It is possible to experience a degree of swelling or bruising over the treated area for a few days post treatment.

If different types of product are used over the same area, reactions can occur.  Therefore it is vital that you provide an accurate cosmetic/medical history at consultation.

With all products best results are obtained in those areas where the defect or wrinkle can be manually stretched until the imperfection is eliminated. The degree of correction will be determined by the depth of the defect and the nature and age of the skin being treated.

With ‘lifting’ and contouring products results are very much dependant on the level of skin laxity.

NB Very deep lines may not be completely eradicated and may require repeated treatments at shorter than normal intervals: i.e. 3-4 monthly.

A consultation is advised to fully assess both your needs and the expected result.

To find out more please click here for the full Juvederm ULTRA Patient Brochure