Remove with Sclerotherapy & Or Elos Laser

Red veins or spider veins as they are sometimes known can be treated with Sclerotherapy very successfully.

Sclerotherapy is a well established, medically recognised and proven technique which uses fine needles to inject a special solution into the vein causing it to harmlessly dissolve away over a period of weeks.

A course of 2-6 sessions is generally required to treat all the veins and to achieve an improvement of  between 65-95%. This treatment is most successful on the leg veins. Sclerotherapy-before-370422Sclerotherapy-after-370422









Elos Plus

Facial Veins can be treated safely and effectively with laser using a unique combination of Optic Light & Bi polar Radio frequency.

This allows the laser to target only the pigment in the capillary and leave the surrounding skin clear. This results in better results with minimal  downtime.
male broken veins post