Botulinum Toxin is a natural protein that causes relaxation to any muscle it is injected into.

The use of Botulinum toxin for the treatment of facial lines and twitches has been well documented for many years receiving great publicity from the press and many celebritiesbeforbotox

First introduced around 20 years ago as a treatment for chronic facial twitches and spastic tics this procedure has quickly evolved into a first class Anti-wrinkle treatment. License for its cosmetic use was given in 2006 under the name Vistabel.

The procedure takes only a few minutes to perform and involves injecting very small amounts of toxin into the muscle that is causing the line or frown.

It works by creating a temporary relaxation of the muscle, and allows surrounding muscles to work un challenged . The resting effect allows the bodies own collagen to fill up the space without being constantly worn away and allows the surrounding muscles to provide lift and tone.

The full effects will generally be seen anywhere between 7- 10 days later.after botox

Re- treatment will be required at 3- 6 months to maintain results.



Sometimes a combination of botox in the upper third of the face to relax and fillers in the lower third to volumise can have a dramatic effect, giving the appearance of a lunchtime lift in less than an hour.


Lynn’s in depth knowledge, experience and close liaison with local dermatology services means that advice and treatments can be offered on a range of skin imperfections. Topical agents such as Tretinoin can be prescribed, chemical peeling agents to treat fine lines and pigmentation, I.P.L. and laser treatment can all be discussed and referrals made if appropriate.

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