before(1)Facial enhancement is not just about line filling , muscle relaxing and skin smoothing.

It is now possible to improve the quality , texture and appearance of the skin using a range of products and treatments . It requires skill , knowledge and experience to achieve this.

Lynn Warren is a Qualified , skilled and  experienced practitioner that only uses the Best of products and the Best and up to date practice and techniques to achieve the most natural and Best results for you.

DERMAL FILLERS :  are the main stay of  treatment when trying to treat Lines and wrinkles and are predominately used to restore a youthful appearance by filling and contouring.after(1)

The safest and best products contain Hylaronic Acid  which is a simple sugar , completely natural to the body , it is able to retain around 1000 times its own weight in water thereby plumping and naturally bulking up the skin tissues  to either extend the wrinkle or re contour the cheek/ chin/temple. This ‘filling’ re hydrates the skin and at the same time triggers receptors in the skin to stimulate New Collagen growth.

The Product range of Choice @ Cosmedical is JUVEDERM , made by Allergan the market leader in Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery.

The Juvederm Range uses the sophisticated and highly developed Vycross technology in its VOLUMA VOLIFT AND VOLBELLA products which give soft natural results but give a 3D effect and are more robust giving long lasting results of up to 18 months in some people.

The products contain lidocaine an anaesthetic which whilst not without discomfort makes the procedure relatively painless . It is possible to have a degree of mild swelling or bruising after the procedure but most mild side effects will subside in 48hours.

Typical areas of treatment include :

  • Lip plumping and lip lines
  • Chin realignment
  • Nose to Mouth lines
  • Cheek lifting
  • Corners of the mouth
  • Temple filling
  • Cheek enhancement
  • Tear trough correction
  • Full face lifting (see MD codes) see below:



treatment areasIn March 2015  a group of the leading Aesthetic Facial practitioners met as guests of the Allergan Medical Institute to promote Excellence in Facial Aesthetics. Their purpose was to discover a new revolutionary injection technique referred to as MD codes (TM) . The technique was taught by the world respected Brazilian Surgeon Mauricio de Maio. The Codes TM allow for a bespoke Tailor made treatment using the Vycross range of Juvedrm fillers . They take into account individual facial proportions , incorporationg the 8 point face lift (for Volumising and elasticity) and resulting in  a more holistic and accurate treatment. Instead of simply adding weight and Volume the codes target the source of the problem . Lynn Warren (owner/director/practitioner) as an experienced leading injector herself was fortunate to share the benefit Of Dr De Maio’s teaching when she attended a Masterclass with him in June of this year . The primary features of ageing are the folds that appear @ the side of the nose, sagging jawlines and flattenening of the bones which appears as volume loss& wrinkles. The MD coding technique can correct such deformities placing product specifically and only where needed. This gives optimum results but creates a natural and improved appearance without looking “done” . In the past dermal fillers have taken some bad press due to their excessive and heavy handed use by some practitioners . The Vycross range is a much more refined Hyalaronic acid giving smoother softer and more subtle results. We believe here @ The Retreat that the key to a successful  treatment outcome is the consultation . You will always be given the opportunity to address your individual needs and no two patients will be treated in the same way . Individual long term treatment plans with close after care ‘follow up’ is standard. Consultation is completely FREE and without obligation . Please come along and discover more about what the  can do for you …..